ALL Locum Pharmacists/Assistants/Nurses/Technicians locuming on behalf of JorDan HR at JorDan HR’s clients:

JorDan HR appoints Locum Pharmacists / Assistants as independent contractors who are engaged to perform pharmacist-related activities from time to time for JorDan HR’s clients. The locum/independentcContractor is therefore not an employee of JorDan HR and hereby indemnifies JorDan HR against any claim or loss resulting from negligence or willful misconduct arising from actions taken or lack thereof by yourself during the course of your engagement with JorDan HR. It is imperative that the locum/independent contractor holds valid professional indemnity insurance to cover the contingencies/crisis that may occur during negligent dispensing/administering of medicine or injections.


    1. During assignments, you undertake:
      To conform to the Client’s rules and regulations and normal hours and standards of work and practice unless arrangements to the contrary have been made
    2. To use all available skill and care in the provision of services
    3. To avoid conduct detrimental to the interests of the Client
    4. To act in a professional and courteous manner at all times
  • Hours and working hours are subject to change as per Client’s discretion
  • Should you fail to meet the performance standard of the Client your notice period may be 24 hours and/or JorDan HR has the right to adjust your rate upon the Client’s request
  • In the event of a cancellation of agreed assignment or request to leave assignment early, you are required to give JorDan HR and NOT the Client, 48 hours’ prior notice
  • Should you have any queries or problems, kindly address these with your Consultant and NEVER with the Client
  • Please inform us should you receive an offer directly from the Client for whom you are completing an assignment as we the Agency need to handle negotiations on your behalf


  • Black, navy or stone smart trousers, white shirt or white pharmacist coat (shirt under coat must be a light coloured shirt with no print), comfortable smart shoes, name tag at all times
  • Nurse Uniform and relevant epaulette
  • NOT ALLOWED: Jeans, T-shirts, shirts with printed logos, slops, tekkies or Crocs


JorDan HR shall not provide locums/independent contractors with any coverage such as medical aid, life insurance, disability insurance, medical expense reimbursement, wage continuation plans, funeral compensation or other fringe benefits


  • Please note that should you fail to show up for a confirmed booking on the specified date or fail to be at work throughout the duration of your booking, without valid justification, you can be penalised R2 000,00 as a 2nd Pharmacist or Qualified Assistant and R5 000,00 as a 1st Pharmacist
  • Your details will also be sent to the South African Pharmacy Council by the Client Company to lodge a complaint for misconduct as per the relevant act
  • You hereby specifically agree and authorise that JorDan HR may deduct such penalty from any amounts owing to yourself. Furthermore, should the amount owing to you not cover the full penalty amount then JorDan HR reserves the right to recover such penalty costs through a civil claim  if necessary


  • SAPC/SANC Registration – To be paid every year and be kept updated by the locum
  • Work Permit – The onus is on the locum to keep their documentation updated with JorDan HR
  • Yearly checks are done by JorDan HR to ensure all documentation is valid
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