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LYRA Wellbeing Connect
LYRA Wellbeing Connect191 KB
Smart Plan Guide
Smart Plan Guide8 MB
Saver Plan Guide
Saver Plan Guide3 MB
Priority Plan Guide
Priority Plan Guide4 MB
Keycare Plan Guide
Keycare Plan Guide3 MB
Kaelo Gap Brochure 2023
Kaelo Gap Brochure 20231 MB
Kaelo Gap Digital Collateral
Kaelo Gap Digital Collateral269 KB
Executive Plan Guide
Executive Plan Guide3 MB
Discovery Vitality 2024
Discovery Vitality 20241 MB
Core Plan Guide
Core Plan Guide3 MB
Contribution Table
Contribution Table525 KB
Comprehensive Plan Guide
Comprehensive Plan Guide4 MB
LYRA Wellbeing Campaign Calendar
LYRA Wellbeing Campaign Calendar3 MB
LYRA Services SA - FAQ's
LYRA Services SA – FAQ’s158 KB
BMW Group Travel Policies
BMW Group Travel Policies501 KB
HCM Communication for TES
HCM Communication for TES2 MB
Harmonised Contract Model FAQs
Harmonised Contract Model FAQs434 KB
JorDan HR Disciplinary Policy & Procedure
JorDan HR Disciplinary Policy & Procedure258 KB
MAN Discipline Procedure
MAN Discipline Procedure670 KB
BMW SA Corporate Communication Dress Code Notice
BMW SA Corporate Communication Dress Code Notice135 KB
Getting to know your EWP with ICAS
Getting to know your EWP with ICAS2 MB
Onboarding (Independent Contractors)
Onboarding (Independent Contractors)4 MB
Onboarding (Fixed Term)
Onboarding (Fixed Term)4 MB
Contracting Types
Contracting Types383 KB
ICAS Supporting App Collateral One Pager
ICAS Supporting App Collateral One Pager93 KB
ICAS Supporting App Collateral Brochure
ICAS Supporting App Collateral Brochure622 KB
ICAS - What is the ICAS On-The-Go App?
ICAS – What is the ICAS On-The-Go App?2 MB
Capital Alliance Application Form
Capital Alliance Application Form281 KB
Capital Alliance Information Sheet
Capital Alliance Information Sheet232 KB
FAQ’s519 KB
8. BMW Claims
8. BMW Claims618 KB
BMW Contractor Benefits
BMW Contractor Benefits548 KB
Subsistence Allowance Claim Form (International)
Subsistence Allowance Claim Form (International)230 KB
BMW Claim Types
BMW Claim Types347 KB
JorDan HR - Shared Services Team
JorDan HR – Shared Services Team7 MB
JorDan HR - Outsourced Solutions Team
JorDan HR – Outsourced Solutions Team3 MB
Dummy Payslip Request Form
Dummy Payslip Request Form208 KB
JorDan HR - Who we are
JorDan HR – Who we are613 KB
Payroll Detail Form
Payroll Detail Form234 KB
Employee Self Services (ESS)
Employee Self Services (ESS)2 MB
Our Group
Our Group656 KB
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