Are your employees empowered?

We’re all in this together. Understanding and engaging with your employees during the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is more critical than ever. ‘Leadership First’ isn’t just a buzz term that should be thrown around loosely. 2020 took its toll on everyone worldwide. The novel Covid-19 virus left devastation in its wake, and the world and workplace have never been the same. Uncertainty, at all levels, across all industries, is at an all-time high. Despite this uncertainty, we now know there is no quick fix, and this leaves employees feeling vulnerable and in a state of unease. After such a turbulent year, like no other we have known, the Covid-19 third wave continues to sweep across South Africa, seemingly unabated. Good business practice is to engage with your employees. Continual and genuine employee engagement is the best action that management and business owners can take.

Listen to your employees.

Take the time to understand their biggest concerns and communicate with your staff more frequently than ever before. It’s critical to be flexible, empathetic and offer support whenever and wherever possible.

Engaging with employees ensures they feel valued and appreciated.

This produces an assurance that employees concerns and challenges during the third Covid-19 wave are being heard and more importantly, are recognised and then addressed. It will reduce employee turnover, assist management to better navigate the Covid-19 crisis into the future and help your employees to deal with the impact of Covid-19.

Empower your employees to help keep them safe, healthy, and engaged.

The Covid-19 worldwide pandemic has forced all businesses to make drastic moves within the workplace. These extreme changes have resulted in complete disruption to the employee experience across the board. Set individual and team-based goals to help everyone stay motivated and productive. Plan projects, brainstorm ideas, and create action plans. Letting people plan for themselves creates a clear purpose to strive towards, both individually and in teams.

  • Focus your efforts, increase motivation.
  • Set goals to create direction.
  • Take action and track progress.

The wellbeing of your employees must be top of mind during this time of utter disruption and uncertainty.

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